Secret vs VG Captains Draft 4.0 Grand Final – Draft Analysis (Game 2 / 5)

Game 2 1 – Standard ban on the Brewmaster - an offlaner that lanes well, scales well, offers strong teamfight and has many options in terms of item-builds. 2 – While Bounty has seen some play recently, it's especially Secret and Puppey that are known for running it very well. He doesn't reveal much as... Continue Reading →


SlashStrike’s Guide to Ember Spirit

Xin, the Ember Spirit 1. Introduction Hi, I’m SlashStrike (not the same person as slahser), and I’m bringing you my guide to Ember Spirit. I believe very few people truly understand this hero, because everyone I have seen play him opts for the same item and skillbuilds every single game, which is a shame because... Continue Reading →

SlashStrike’s Guide to Shift-Queuing

Introduction Hi guys, I’m SlashStrike (still not slahser), and I’m bringing you my guide Shift-Queuing. You may remember me from my guide to solo mid Earthshaker. Now, to some of you shift-queuing may seem like a pointless thing to write a guide about, because it is in fact fairly simple. However, I’m also sure that... Continue Reading →

SlashStrike’s Guide to Solo Mid Earthshaker

Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker Introduction Hi, I’m SlashStrike (not slahser, a common mistake), and I’m bringing you my guide to solo mid Earthshaker. Normally when writing a guide to a hero I would not pigeonhole them into a certain role, but in the case of ES, playing him mid rather than support changes the hero’s... Continue Reading →

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