A new Approach to Coaching and Streaming

Hi I’m SlashStrike (not slahser), some of you may know me from some hero guides I’ve posted here before. I started playing Dota back in 2007, when there were nearly no guides to speak of, and there sure as hell wasn’t any coaching. I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way, and am now on the European leaderboards with over 7000 solo mmr as well as experience in competitive (semi)pro dota.

The best way to improve is to either play with people better than you, or watch people better than you. I’m combining the two by publicly streaming coaching sessions. Not only does this allow viewers to learn from the knowledge shared during coaching, it is also an easy way to see what a coaching session is all about and let you decide whether you would be interested in one as well.

Of course, when you’re watching a stream, one of the best parts is being able to interact with the streamer – but when you spend money on a coaching session, you expect to have the full attention of the coach, and not to have him read twitch chat. We’re solving this by having a moderator that will read twitch chat and look for good questions. He will then relay the question to me so I can answer it for the benefit of not only the rest of the viewers, but also the client themselves.

As a client you can either tell me what exactly you want to improve on, or we can follow the general plan of working on laning, skill and item builds, decision making, map movement, game sense, and attitude.

We can do this by using the coaching function (you queue with me as a coach or vice versa), by going over a replay, playing 1 v 1 match-ups, or even queuing together. If you can’t or just don’t want to speak, you can also simply send me your replay(s) and I will go over them while explaining everything in detail on the stream.

Another advantage of having everything streamed is that you can always refer back to the VODs (which will be uploaded on youtube) later!

Each coaching session lasts 50 minutes and costs 10€ or 11.50$ (queue-time does not count)

I also offer team coaching, in which I will focus less on individual mistakes and more on team-wide decision making and coordination. Since these things cannot be learned even in high-mmr pubs but only in high level scrims, the price for team coaching is a bit higher.

Each team coaching session lasts 50 minutes and costs 15€ or 17$

Everyone that purchases a session will also gain access to a private Discord server which can be used to ask questions outside of coaching hours, to chat with other clients, and to even organize inhouse games.

More info as well as scheduling and how to sign up can be found in this document:




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